Manifest Web Application | 3.24.23 Release Notes | v. 2.7.1

Release Notes / Manifest Web / Manifest Web Application | 3.24.23 Release Notes | v. 2.7.1

About this release

Below you will find the latest updates introduced on the Manifest Client Web Application on March 23, 2023. Version 2.7.1. This release focuses mainly on small feature improvements and bug fixes. Please see below for more details.

Support notes

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation.

Overview of what’s new

General Feature Enhancements

  • Overall improvements to the Import Template
    • Enhancements to the import template process that includes not having to select an Asset Class when importing a ZIP-archive file
    • The Asset Class clears after template upload
    • The addition of importing instructions
  • The removal of auto-play notes on the iPad and Manifest Web Application
    • Auto-play notes are only now supported on the 3D Manifest application
  • Removal of the Dynamics CRM integration in Client Settings

Bug Fixes

  • Connect Bug Fixes
  • Bug fix with the Search field not populating what is returned in the search field
  • But fix when adding a measurement
  • Bug fix with bookmark pagination

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