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About the Jobs window

The Jobs window is a centralized view of all Jobs regardless of assignment, status, or Location. Whether the user is an Operator looking to work on unassigned Jobs, a Mechanic responsible for resolving issues flagged in completed procedures, or a supervisor who may wish to review the overall activity – the various filters allow users to narrow their focus to what is most relevant to them.

Using the Jobs window

Using the various filters, the Jobs window gives the user flexibility in customizing their view, based on what’s important to them. The following filters are available for the Jobs window:

  • Location: select this filter to show Jobs for a specific Location. The Location filter will display favorite Locations at the top of the dropdown list and any Child Locations under the Parent.
  • Priority: Jobs can also be filtered by Priority – High, Medium, or Low. These priorities are set at the creation of the Job, either by the creator or work order system.
  • Status: use the multi-select filter to filter Jobs by Status: ‘Unassigned’, ‘Assigned’, ‘In ‘Progress’, or ‘Completed’.
  • My Jobs: selecting ‘My Jobs’ in the multi-select filter will load only Jobs assigned to the user
  • Open Faults: selecting ‘Open Faults’ in the multi-select filter will load only Jobs that were flagged with Faults, that have not been resolved yet.

By default, the Jobs are sorted from newest to oldest based on the last updated time. Use the ‘sort’ option in the lower right-hand corner to reverse the sort order.

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Job listings

Each Job has a Job listing. The Job listing includes relevant information to help users quickly identify key information to prioritize their work and locate the Job’s Asset. Job listings include the following information (where relevant):

  • Job ID
  • Last updated date & time
  • Job status
  • Job Priority – indicated by color: High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green)
  • Percentage % complete
  • Assigned Operator’s avatar or initials (Team icon indicates that the Job is a Team Job)
  • Job Title (derived from the Template name)
  • Asset Class
  • Asset Tag ID
  • Location
  • Fault icon (red indicates the Job has ‘Open Faults’; gray indicates the Job has ‘Resolved Faults’)
  • Offline icon will indicate the Job is synced down to the users’ Offline Work Package
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