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If you and your team are new to HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap 1, we recommend getting acclimated with the device before starting your Manifest engagement.  

Get familiar with HoloLens 2 

  • Review the Microsoft guide on ‘Getting Around HoloLens 2‘ from your desktop browser 
  • From the device, visit the ‘Tips‘ application to practice using your hands and voice for interacting with holograms and mixed reality 
  • Play a quick game of RoboRaid 

To navigate Manifest on the HoloLens 2, you will need to know these basic interactions: 

  • Hand ray: to use a hand ray, hold your hand in front of you , with your palm facing away. A laser pointer (hand ray) appears.  You can use this to target an item to select.   
  • Air tap: hold your hand straight out in front of you in a loose fist, point your index finger straight up toward the ceiling, tap your finger down, and then quickly raise it back up again.  
  • Air tap to select: point your hand ray at the object to target it and then air tap to select.  
  • Air tap and hold: start by air tapping but keep your finger down instead of raising it back up. 
  • Gaze: gaze is a way of interacting with the UI by looking at an item. When you gaze, turn your whole head, not just your eyes.    
  • Gaze to select: you’ll see that gazing at an icon will typically display the tool tip to indicate what action it will trigger when selected. Enabling ‘gaze to select’ (see Manifest Settings), will allow you to select something ‘hands-free’ simply by gazing at an item and waiting for it to trigger the action.
    • After dwelling your gaze on an item for 2 seconds, you’ll see a loading animation indicating that your gaze has activated the button. This takes approximately 3 seconds before a selection is complete.   
    • To stop the selection, move your gaze before the selection animation loading completes.   

To enable ‘Gaze to select’, go to Manifest Settings. Under the Controls tab, select the “Gaze to select’ toggle. This setting will be saved in your local device user preferences.   

Get familiar with Magic Leap 1 

Magic Leap input is facilitated using a single-handed controller.  Rather than using gestures, users will use the hand control to navigate, select, and work within the Manifest application.  

To learn more about how to use the Magic Leap 1 Control, visit the guide on this tool here

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