Job Evidence & Faults

Key Concepts / Job Evidence & Faults


While performing a Job, Manifest enables Operators to add Evidence Notes, such as a photo or video, to any job step to share additional information about the work that was performed, demonstrate proof of understanding, or provide evidence of successful job completion.  


Faults are a function within Manifest that allows users to quickly indicate an issue with an Asset or a Job step. This feature is well suited for inspection procedures or any case where a user may need to indicate a Fault in an Asset or within a Job. When a Fault is added, it is recorded as its own data entry, and associated to the Asset which it was added.   

Faults can be added using any Manifest platform by anyone with either Operator, Author, or Admin permissions. When a user adds a Fault, they will be required to enter a Fault description and will have the option of adding Fault Notes (configurable by the Administrator of the Manifest Domain) to add details about the issue. Faults added through an AR enabled platform (Manifest 3D or Manifest iPadOS applications) can be spatially placed near the issue so they will display at the location of the Fault for anyone viewing Faults in AR over a specific Asset.