Manifest for Docker | Version 3.0 | April 22, 2024

Release Notes / Docker / Manifest for Docker | Version 3.0 | April 22, 2024

What’s New?

Please reference the following for a full outline around what is offered within the Version 3.0 Manifest Applications:

Additionally, Manifest version 3.0.1 for docker also now uses version 14 of Postgres for all new installs.  For existing docker installs that need assistance in migrating to version 14 of Postgres please contact for further instructions.  

Lastly, with the roll out of to Version 3.0.1 we deprecated the ability to edit videos when authoring templates.  What this means for docker is that the video editor container is no longer needed in the compose file and can be removed from any existing docker compose files.  

Manifest 3.0.1 Docker Images

  • API: 
  • Web:
  • Converter:
  • Redis:
  • *Database:
    • NEW INSTALLS: postgres:14.9-alpine

New Installations

For new Manifest who are using docker, you can download the example docker-compose.yml file and a fresh installation. Please find the install instructions here.  

We have updated the login credentials for the docker registry. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the All About Docker article to make sure you are using the newest login and password.

Updating Docker Installation

Please be sure to make the following updates to the compose file if you are updating from Version 2.8 to 3.0.1.  Instructions for updating a docker installation can be found here.  

We have updated the login credentials for the docker registry. Please make sure to follow the instructions in the All About Docker article to make sure you are using the newest login and password.

In addition to updating the docker-compose.yml file with the updated images outlined above, please also make sure you append your docker compose to include these following NEW settings.  Please be sure to fill in the information that is indicated with “< >” brackets. 

API Variables

DB_LOGS_ENABLED:true # set to false for production use
Table 1: API Variables for 3.0.1

Web Variables

Please add the following settings to the “Web” section of the docker-compose.yml file.

Table 2: Web Variables for 3.0.1

Image 1: Image of Web Variable for version 3.0.1

Video Editor

Version 3.0 introduces the deprecation of the Video Editor.  When updating your docker installation from 2.8 to 3.0.1, please also remove the following section from the docker-compose.yml file.  

Image 2: Video Editor Block to be Removed from 3.0.1

Compatible Platforms

Docker installations needs to be running compatible versions across all client applications (ie. iPadOS, 3D Applications, etc.) 

It’s important to note the following:  

  • The docker instance must be updated to 3.0.1 before any client applications are updated.  Web/API’s for docker version 2.8 and earlier WILL NOT be compatible with client applications running 3.0 or above.  It is NOT FORWARD COMPATIBLE.  
    • Example:  If a docker instance is running Version 2.8 and the users update their client applications to version 3.0, there are so many breaking changes that we would not expect the applications to run without encountering multiple errors.   
  • If a Docker instance is running Version 3.0.1 and the client applications are still running on version 2.8 – please expect the following:  
    • Templates created on Manifest iPadOS or 3D will automatically be published 
    • Any user with Author permissions can Edit a Published Template and these edits will be automatically updated to the published version 
    • Only Published Templates will be available in Manifest iPadOS and 3D applications.  (Templates with Status: Draft, Submitted, Approved, and Rejected) will NOT display.  
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