Manifest for Docker | Version 2.8 | August 7, 2023

Release Notes / Docker / Manifest for Docker | Version 2.8 | August 7, 2023

What’s New?

Please reference Manifest Web Application Release Notes 2.8 for a full outline of all version 2.8’s new functionality.

New Installations:

For new users of Manifest, you can download the example docker-compose.yml file and do a fresh installation. Find install instructions here.

Updating Docker Installation

Please be sure to make the following updates to the compose file if you are updating from Version 2.7 to 2.8. Instructions for updating a docker installation can be found here.

New API / WEB Images:


Figure 1 – updated API container version in docker-compose.yml

Figure 2 – updated Web container version in docker-compose.yml

Add the following lines to your docker-compose.yml file under the section API –> environment:

POSTGRES_USER: "manifest"
POSTGRES_PASSWORD: "dnhrfw2ufbbto3!mritbfwl"

Figure 3 – example docker-compose.yml changes

Update the following lines from DATABASESERVER to POSTGRES under the section API –> environment:


Figure 4 – example docker-compose.yml changes

Compatible Platforms

IMPT! Please also note that you need to update docker in a sequential order. For example, if you are still using docker version 2.6, you need to update to docker version 2.7 before you can update to docker version 2.8

Version 2.8 introduces a NEW and IMPROVED faults system. When updating to the 2.8 on-premise version of Manifest, any faults that were flagged in prior on-premise instances will no longer show and be compatible with version 2.8.

Client versions earlier than 2.8 will NOT be compatible with the 2.8 on-premise version of Manifest. We strongly recommend all users to update all client application to version 2.8 when using the on-premise 2.8 version of Manifest.

Docker Point Release for 2.8

Docker Version 2.8.1

Docker version 2.8.1 – Released October 18, 2023

Updated images:

  • API:
  • Web:

This update includes:

  • Removal of Marketplace

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