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About this release

Below you will find all the latest updates introduced with Manifest 3.0 – now available in the Apple App Store. Manifest 3.0 for iPadOS introduces new editorial controls and workflow for managing and publishing Templates. Additionally, this update includes a refreshed authoring interface with more intuitive AR authoring tools and a design consistent with the Job user interface (UI) giving users a seamless experience between creating, viewing, and performing Jobs.

3.0 was published to the Apple App Store on March 30, 2024

Support notes

Important! Clients with On-premise configurations must update their docker installation to Docker version 3.0 before updating their application to ensure compatibility.

Docker 3.0 is estimated to be available the week of April 22, 2024.

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation. Additional information about the new Editorial and Versioning capabilities – check out the article About Creating Templates.

Overview of what’s new

New workflow for approving and publishing Templates along with a new Authoring UI!

Editorial control & versioning of Manifest Templates

  • Submit, approve (or reject with comments) and publish Templates with new user roles and workflow
  • Use only Published Templates to create and assign Jobs
  • Automatically notify users when a new version of a Template is available and provide options to proceed with previously scheduled Jobs.
  • Track Template versions and activity as well as associated Job activity and history

Enhanced Authoring UI

  • Effectively document procedures with a more intuitive Authoring UI and design that is consistent across creating, viewing, and performing Jobs
  • Author in both 2D and AR modes 
  • Leverage larger call-to-action buttons for creating new Steps, authoring Step Notes, and positioning spatial content – all within thumbs reach 
  • Create procedures with a new editor to view Templates the way Operators will see them
  • Place AR Notes by holding one finger to the screen and moving the screen or rotating the screen, making it easier and faster to create these notes
  • More easily create AR Leader lines
  • Add Jobs directly from a Template   

Additional Improvements

  • We’ve updated the app scanner to improve tracking and accuracy when placing or rendering AR content (users can disable this option and revert to the old scanner under Settings: Experimental Features)
  • Default start-up screen is the Work dashboard, so users more easily find assigned Work
  • Animated and highlighted “Switch to AR” toggle button prompts users to review AR content
  • Action Notes are split out as their own Note types, rather than being grouped together
  • Pen Notes are renamed to AR Notes
  • A new Taqtile logo

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