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About this release

Below you will find all the latest updates introduced with Manifest 2.8 – now available in the Apple App Store.

2.8 was published to the Apple App Store on August 2, 2023

Overview of what’s new

  • Ability to add a Fault to a job (only).
  • Add Fault Description and Fault Notes
  • Fault Notes handle custom configuration including which notes are available, required, and also custom value lists
  • Add Work to a Fault – either Jobs or Tasks, and view the associated Work via the Fault in the JOb
  • Faults can be resolved from within the Job they were reported
  • The Job Board has been updated to Work
  • Work board includes the new Work Type – Tasks. Jobs are denoted with a wrench and Tasks display a clipboard icon to differentiate. They each have their own detail view when selected to open.
  • Filter the Work Board by Type
  • When adding Work via Asset Management, Location or Work Board – user will have option to select either a Job or Task
  • There is now an option to Unassign an In Progress Job
  • Tutorial has been updated to reflect these updates

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