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About this release

Below you will find the latest updates introduced on the Manifest Web Application on March 30, 2024.  Version 3.0 introduces a fresh look and feel of Manifest along with powerful new editorial and versioning control and workflow.  

Support notes

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updates.

Overview of what’s new

Overall design refresh and enhance UI

The Manifest 3.0 Web Application introduces a full refresh which simplifies and streamlines the user navigation. Updates include:

  • Updated color palette that highlights important information and navigation elements 
  • Reduction of modal pop-up windows to simplify and decrease the amount of user clicks and replaced with “toast messaging” 
  • Use of breadcrumbs to guide users between main and sub-pages  
  • Right alignment of all + ADD buttons improving discoverability and usability 

Editorial control & versioning of Manifest Templates

Manifest 3.0 will introduce new editorial controls and workflow for approving and publishing Templates. Details include: 

  • Assign new Approver and Publisher User Roles for more editorial control 3.0 will add two new user roles required to both Approve and Publish Templates in Manifest. 
  • Approve or Reject Submitted Templates. Approvers will have responsibility for reviewing and approving Templates before publishing. Approvers can approve or reject Templates and submit associated notes or change requests. Submitting Authors will receive notifications of status updates and details on changes requested if rejected. 
  • Limit Only Published Template for Job creation. Updates provide control for what procedures are used and when, by restricting Job creation to only Published Templates. 
  • Manage and Archive Templates with new Versioning capabilities including: 
    • Authors can now manage and track Template changes with each version 
    • A history of published and archived versions is maintained and easily referenced for a Template. 
    • Active Work and Work History can be viewed by each Template version 
  • Track Template Activity Users can view the editorial activity that transpired in the creation and updating of new versions of a Template including who contributed to the process, when changes occurred, and any related comments and notes. This provides new visibility for all users and enables them to easily reach out to team members with questions.  
  • Notify users when a new version of a Job Template is available Operators will be prompted with an alert informing them of the new version and ‘What’s Changed’ notes, with an option to either continue or cancel their Job and generate a new one using the updated version.  
  • Archive a Template – Archive Templates when they are outdated or should no longer be available to Operators. Archived Templates can be restored as or when needed.   
  • Cancel Jobs – Operators and Admins can now cancel In Progress Jobs using the Manifest Web Application.   

General feature enhancements

  • Asset status types updated to only include ‘Active’ and ‘Archived’  
    • Status type of In-Repair, Offline, Inactive no longer exist.  
  • Pen Notes have been renamed as AR Notes 
  • Manifest Web Application now supports and displays Hand Notes when present in a Template or as Work Evidence 
  • Actions Notes have been separated within the Manage Step Note modal when authoring Templates.  They now show within the main listing as:  
    • 3D Models
    • Alignment Action
    • Meter
  • Removal of the Object Reference Settings option in the Admin Client Settings  
  • Updating of all QR Code / Asset Tags to default to a 56mm size 
  • Updated Asset Tag and Alignment Tag download to PDF view and additional user instructions to ensure proper sizing and set up 
  • The addition of a simple Excel Reporting Templates that you can use to create customized reports.
    • This new function is currently in BETA and marked as such on the left hand menu
  • Other minor bug fixes

Deprecated Features with 3.0 on the Web Application

  • Marketplace
  • Users Guides on the left menu 
  • Dynamics CRM Integration option within Admin Client Settings 
  • Object Reference Setting option within Admin Client Settings 
  • Video Editor is no longer available in the Manage Notes section when uploading a Video when authoring a template 

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