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What’s new in 2.4.2 (available today in the MS Store for HoloLens 2)


  • which 3D Model is default is now shown in the Model Info window
  • users with author or admin privilege can now update which 3D Model is the Default Model
  • fixed issues with model materials not applying transparencies and incorrectly applying reflective surfaces

User Interface

  • made improvements to let buttons be pressed repeatedly when certain cases were previously not allowing it
  • fixed an issue where a button press would not register if the button appeared under the position of the cursor
  • fixed some cases where the keyboard dictation button might not appear in the correct state
  • fixed issues that could cause keyboard buttons to remain highlighted improperly
  • fixed an issue that could cause certain popups to move continuously if they were in front of other objects

Jobs and Templates

  • when authoring a Template and adding an Embedded Template or Choice Note, any templates which would cause a loop are no longer shown in the list of available templates
  • fixed an issue that could cause required evidence to not work correctly
  • fixed an issue that could make certain text not appear correctly

Performance and Stability

  • made various improvements to improve memory usage
  • made various optimizations to reduce “hitches” where the device would be unresponsive or would have the interface disappear


  • network requests are now retried in certain cases if a network error preventing them from being processed correctly
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