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With large 3D Models, it is not uncommon to experiencing some blinking in the application during the loading process. Unfortunately there are some operations that hitch the device, such as binding textures and creating the actual mesh objects (and more importantly, the colliders applied to the mesh). In addition, the library we use for loading FBX and GLTF/GLB models does some unthreaded operations which also can hitch the device temporarily during loading. We are constantly working to optimize and improve this, but it is not surprising to hear of that experience.

In terms of the model, 47k verts should not be an issue. We have loaded much much more complex models than that without an issue. The issue with having models more than 50k or 60k vertices is that they can cause performance degradation upon viewing (having a frame rate lower than 30, although the device is actually targeting 60 fps) which can cause the UI and model to “swim” as the device can not update it’s rendering to match the user’s position in the world.

If the application is not fully crashing you are interested in having us diagnose further – we always benefit from seeing the Logs. If the Manifest Session hasn’t been restarted – Go to Settings -> Bug Report and enter a brief title / description and submit. This will grab your system logs and help us diagnose the issue further. If the application does close from a crash, unfortunately the logs will be wiped when you restart the application. This is something that we are looking into adding solutions for in an upcoming release.

I’m surprised a 3D Model was taking ~ 5.5 min to load and wonder what might be going on. Please feel free to share the model file with us or share access to your domain if you would like us to take a closer look and advise.

As far as a loading indicator, I believe newer versions of the model loader that we use may expose that information and we agree that is a valuable indicator to the user, so we can look at adding a number indicator in a future release.



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