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Manifest 3D application – 2.5.1 release notes

Supported on MS HoloLens 2; Compatible with Docker 2.5 

In this release we focused on correcting issues and improving the functionality of working and authoring offline, while also adding some improvements to the user experience and fixing some issues that arose from the 2.5.0 release.

Offline improvements

  • fixed issues with the Personal Dashboard while in offline mode
  • fixed a number of issues where the client would attempt to send requests to the manifest api while offline
  • fixed issues where the resync functionality of Offline Authoring could cause application instability
  • fixed issues where some error messaging was not working correctly while offline
  • fixed issues where some files for an asset class would not be downloaded correctly or redownloaded when deleted if the asset class was already included in the work package
  • fixed issues where 3D models may not correct display while offline
  • fixed issues where 3D model animation names would not be included in offline data, which could impact offline authoring
  • fixed issues that could occur of the operator took work offline on multiple domains on the same device
  • fixed issues where the Search window would not correctly show Assets while offline
  • fixed issues where multiple error messages could appear while offline
  • fixed issues with leaving Pen evidence while in offline mode
  • fixed issues where removing a Job from the Work Package could leave embedded or choice job data in the work package
  • Model Setup is now disabled while offline since this functionality would not be synced to the server when logging back in

User Interface improvements

  • improved the choice note selection interface. this now appears to the right of the marker (similar to other evidence) and no longer conflicts with leaving evidence on that step
  • added a “Report Bug” button to error popups which allows the user to automatically fill out a bug report that can then be sent to the Manifest support team
  • made improvements to the login window to give better direction regarding the eula and setting the domain
  • tapping on the Profile Picture on the sidebar while the Welcome window is showing over the Personal Dashboard will now leave the Dashboard open and close the Welcome window

Performance and Stability improvements

  • improved the functionality for calling another user by using the connect button on a job step
  • fixed a number of memory related issues that could impact the application’s stability
  • made changes that should improve the performance of loading OBJ 3d models and improve application stability

General improvements

  • fixed an issue in which the Session Expired popup would not show correctly in some cases
  • fixed some issues with various model animation dropdowns
  • improved some error messaging for particular network issues
  • using the Pause and Play functionality on the Model Control Panel or Model Info window no longer resets the model to the beginning of the animation