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Manifest for iPadOS 2.4 now available in the App Store!

Read on to find out what’s new and improved in this version.


  • Reviewing completed Jobs will now go into Sub Jobs (if applicable)
  • Removed the ‘title’ field prompted on Step and Evidence Notes
  • Added the ability for Authors to ‘Request Access’ to edit a Template that is being edited by another user and for that user to accept or decline
  • Added deep links into the iPad application. Users can hit a link and go directly to a Job or an Asset in Manifest for iPadOS
  • Added support for sign in using SAML and Okta
  • Added the ability to show 3D Models when previewing a Template in AR Mode

Additional changes, fixes and improvements include:

  • Various 3D Model rendering fixes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements for stability and consistency
  • Updated Job Board to save the last Location
  • Expanded the Asset Management Search function to return results if there are matches for ID, Serial Number, Asset Tag ID, and Internal ID in addition to Asset Class name
  • Removed Auto-Scale option for 3D Models
  • Application now warns user if they scan an Alignment tag before scanning the Asset Tag
  • Separated out categories for displaying and clearing Data & Storage. Clearing Jobs from Offline Work Package is also now handled separately.
  • UI Improvements when a Job links to a Sub Job for a different Asset to make it more clear to the Operator that they must indicate which Asset they will be working on and why
  • Fixed an issue where Steps with Choice Notes would hide any other Notes when in AR Mode
  • Improved user flow so if an Operator selects “Go Offline” the application will automatically logout and prompt for the Offline Pin, rather than leaving them at the Sign in screen
  • Removed the Opening Animation