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2.4 for Manifest 3D on HoloLens is now live in the Microsoft Store! (Magic Leap is right around the corner)

Please find the full set of release notes below and let us know if you have questions or how you like the updates!


  • Improved Scanning Accuracy ​
  • Users can now request access to edit a template when another user is editing​
  • Added the ability to take and perform jobs with Choice Notes offline ​*Note that Authoring Choice Notes offline will not be supported in 2.4 ​
  • Added the ability to edit Choice Notes, Action Notes, and Text Notes​
  • 3D Model Related Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue where sometimes if an FBX model saved in another unit type would not render correctly in device.​​ IMPT Note: this may require previously configured 3D Models to adjust scale to adjust for this fix.
    • Fixed issue causing GLB models not to load​


The Manifest 3D 2.4 release launches a massive roll-out of new tools, UI, and features related to working with 3D Models – including the ability to view and manage Model Views and to select from specific animations in an animated 3D Model. To learn more about the expansive set of changes and new features, read on…

Redesigned Asset Tag Adjustment Tools and Options ​

  • We’ve hidden the Asset Tag Menu under options, the three-dot icon under the asset tag hologram. Selecting this button will expand the menu of options. ​
  • To move the Asset Tag – simply select the asset tag hologram, hold, and drag to the desired position.
  • ​Select ‘Tag Adjust’ under Options to access the Asset Tag Adjustment tools. This will place the tag in a flattened bounding box allowing users to adjust by grabbing the handles to rotate in any direction. User can use multipliers to speed up for fast movements, or slow down for precise positioning.​

New! Model Control Panel​

  • A Model Control Panel can now be easily accessed from the Asset Tag options menu. From the Model Control Panel, users can:​
    • Select from associated Models, Views, and Animations (as available for that asset) and load by selecting they eye icon for “Show”. The user can also hide a 3D Model
    • Access Model Adjustment tools

New! 3D Model Adjust Tools ​

  • Direct Adjust – Manipulate (scale, position, rotate) a 3D Model with direct interaction through the use of a bounding box. Enabling the bounding box will encase the 3D Model in a box with tools on each face of the cube so users can adjust the placement, rotation or size of the model by interacting directly with the bounding box.​
  • Proxy Adjust – Manipulate (scale, position, rotate) a 3D Model by interacting with a smaller representation of the model, the Proxy Cube. The Proxy Cube renders a small cube that can be positioned by the user and provides easy to access tools to control adjustments on larger models.​

New! Model Information Window​ – Access the new Model Info window from the Asset Detail. This window will display which 3D Models are associated with an asset or asset class and allow you to select and show or hide any 3D Model, View, and Animation. Authors can also access the Model Set-up Wizard or Model View Management from this window.

Model Set-up Wizard ​

  • Users will be alerted if a 3D Model has not been set-up on the 3D application yet (this means setting the 3D model position in relation to the asset tag.​
  • Model set-up will prompt users (author only) through a two-step set-up wizard to set the scale, rotation, and position in relation to the asset tag.
  • ​In addition to the new 3D Model Adjust Tools, Authors will have the option to set the position or rotation coordinates using manual input or a slider UI for quicker adjustments. ​

Model View Management ​

  • Authors can now set-up new Model Views for any model directly on a 3D device. Authors can also edit or delete existing views or update a new view to be the default.​
  • Updated 3D Model Action Notes for Model Views & Animations​
  • Authors can now create step Action Notes that triggers a specific Model View and/or Animation to render for an Operator during a job. ​
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