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Below is a list of key considerations and action items to review as you kick start your Manifest deployment

  1. What is the business or operational problem being addressed? Define key use case(s) and identify how Manifest will be used to support (e.g. Training, Operational, Remote Support, Demo, etc)
  2. Establish Resources, Roles, and Responsibilities. Identify Business Units engaged and Executive Sponsor(s) 
  3. Define what procedures will be implemented and what equipment, machine and facilities will be needed. Consider whether equipment can be taken offline and if availability needs to be scheduled 
  4. What is the baseline with which to compare Manifest usage? How are work or procedures currently performed? How will the current baseline be compared to Manifest?
  5. Review Acceptance & Success Criteria / KPI’s. How will side by side data be measured and evaluated?  
  6. Identify 3-5 measurable metrics that will validate and quantify the results. Consider metrics for repeatability or scalability and define specifically how Manifest will help with these metrics.
  7. Define the deliverables at the end of the deployment that will definitively signal the end of the project and help the team evaluate the results
  8. Review environmental considerations (e.g. outdoors, too much light, etc) and establish device and platform support 
  9. Identify whether there are connectivity limitations and what considerations need to be made 
  10. Identify and review IT security requirements
  11. Identify 3D model use case and source relevant files



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