Manifest Docker Startup for Ubuntu

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  • Attached manifest-docker.service file (included below)
  • A Linux on-premise server set-up 

Manifest-docker.service file


The below instructions outline how to start/restart and shutdown the Manifest application automatically upon VM startup/reboot and shutdown using the attached service file and associated steps outlined below.  

Please note: This service file works on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and likely other Linux systems which use systemd services.  


  1. Ensure your Manifest containers are stable
  2. Run docker-compose down in the directory where your docker-compose.yml file resides
  3. Open the manifest-docker.service file in a text editor and ensure the WorkingDirectory path matches the path to your docker-compose.yml file 
  4. Copy the manifest-docker.service file to /etc/systemd/system/ 
  5. Open the terminal and run the following commands:
    • sudo systemctl daemon-reload 
    • sudo systemctl start manifest-docker.service 
    • sudo systemctl status manifest-docker.service (to show the status of the service) 
    • sudo systemctl enable manifest-docker.service (to enable automatic startup across reboots) 

Below is an image showing the status of the service after a reboot without running any startup commands.  

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