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About this release

Below you will find all the latest updates introduced with Manifest 2.3 and subsequent point releases – now available in the Microsoft Store. With this release we focused on the role of inspection in daily operations. Manifest 2.3 allows Operators to indicate if there are ‘Faults’ in any Job Step during a procedure. Faults are flagged within Job History and available for managers, mechanics, or otherwise to find, review, and resolve. Please see below for more details about these new Manifest features.

2.3 was published to the Microsoft Store on March 15, 2021

Support notes

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation.

Overview of what’s new

Fault Flags

  • Added ability to mark a step with a fault during a job.
  • Added ability to access completed jobs and resolve a step fault, auto-logging username and date/time of the user who resolved

Review Completed Job Mode

  • A completed job can now be played in a “Review” mode allowing users to walk through the spatially anchored steps previously completed by the operator, defaulted to display any evidence notes left with each step.
  • Filter completed jobs to view faults only – whether in list view or review mode

Custom Lists for Evidence Notes

  • Added the option to configure custom lists as a new evidence note choice for any job template

UI Updates

  • When capturing photo or video notes, the note UI will now follow your gaze (right to left) and can be manually moved and pinned making it easier to access the capture buttons.
  • MS native keyboard is now implemented as an additional option for Manifest users. Select the tab on the upper-left corner of the keyboard to switch your keyboard. You can switch back any time.

Fixed in 2.3

UI Related Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where meters would still be visible when using hide all if there was more than one page of meters for the asset.
  • Fixed an issue where images could occasionally not appear correctly in the window

Performance Optimization Related Fixes

  • Made performance optimizations that should improve the speed at which the jobs and job history tabs on an asset are populated
  • Made performance optimizations for when meters show current measurements.

Point release updates for 2.3


2.3.13 was published to the Microsoft Store on April 2, 2021

In this release we focused on several additional bug fixes and improvements.

Security Certificates

  • fixed issues where sockets would not correctly connect when bypassing an untrusted security certificate
  • fixed issue where uploading content would not correctly work when bypassing an untrusted security certificate
  • fixed issue where bug reports made when bypassing an untrusted security certificate would not correctly include a log fileadded a button to allow cancellation of the connection process during a Connect call


  • fixed a display issue in the Connect window
  • improved Connect call initialization

UI Updates

  • fixed a model display issue that could occur with 3d models in certain cases
  • fixed an issue that could cause dragged items to have a slight jump from their original position when starting to drag
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