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About this release

Below you will find all the latest updates introduced with Manifest 2.3 – now available in the Apple App Store. Along with improved parity with our Manifest 3D applications, this release focused on the role of inspection daily operations. Manifest 2.3 allows Operators to indicate if there are ‘Faults’ in any Job Step during a procedure. Faults are flagged within Job History and available for managers, mechanics, or otherwise to find, review, and resolve. Please see below for more details about these new Manifest features.

2.3 was published to the Apple App Store on November 15, 2021

Support notes

Important! Clients with On-premise configurations must update their docker installation for compatibility. To review the current Docker versions available and make sure all applications are running on compatible version, please visit the article Manifest On-Premise Versioning.

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation.

Overview of what’s new

General Feature Enhancements

  • Improved Scanning Accuracy ​
  • Users caSupport for Custom Evidence allowing Operators to select from a custom value list authored for a Template, where applicable
  • Support for Security Location Mode which will restrict specified evidence notes for Secure Locations and block Connect video & photo features while in Secure Location Mode
  • “Review” Mode for Completed Jobs – Added ability to Review Completed Jobs and Evidence left by Operator in AR Mode
  • Fault Flags – added ability for Operators to add a fault to a Step during a Job. Faults can now be reviewed and resolved in completed jobs
  • Pen Note Enhancements – Pinch & Drag and Draw
  • Cache Content for Video Notes & PDF

Fixed in 2.3

Job Related Fixes

  • App will block users from embedding templates that will cause a Job to loop
  • Job Board location will be saved if user logs out and back in again

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