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The Manifest 3D Application includes a series of voice commands users can use to execute specific actions hands-free.  To use a voice command, simply say the command (as indicated) while using the application. Be sure to make your voice clear and audible. The command will only work if it’s relevant to the state of the application. For example, the voice commands for ‘Document Viewing’ will only work if you have a document open.  

Voice Commands 

First Use/Install (Opening animation) 

  • “Skip”: said during the opening animation will stop the playing the animation and jump ahead to the Login window 

General Use 

  • “Gather all windows”:  Gather all windows at the Dock, including any windows that have been pinned, hidden, or minimized   
  • “Hide UI”: Hides all Manifest UI to clear a users field of view. All windows docked or undocked will be hidden
  • “Show UI”: Returns all Manifest UI into view 
  • “Hide Dock”: Hides the Dock and all attached windows. Undocked windows will remain in view 
  • “Show Dock”: Returns Dock and all attached windows into view  
  • “Hide Model”: Hides the 3D Model (if open) 
  • “Show Model”: Opens default model for the asset (if Asset Tag is showing)

Authoring & Job Mode 

  • “Hide Step”: Hides the step marker in view during a job or ‘preview-mode’ 
  • “Show Step”: Returns the step marker into view 
  • “Hide Steps”: Hides all step markers in view
  • “Show Steps”: Returns all step markers into view
  • “Record Audio”: Starts recording when creating an audio note 
  • “Record Video”: Starts recording when creating a video note 
  • “Take Photo”: Takes a photo when creating a photo note

Document Viewing 

  • Next Page”: Proceed to the next page of a document that is being viewed
  • Previous Page”: Go back to the previous page of a document that is being viewed 
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