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So you’ve been provisioned as a Manifest user, assigned your role(s) – and are now wondering, ‘what should I be able to do and see?’. We’ve summarized a high-level overview of each role below. Users can and should be assigned multiple user roles if they need the respective access available to various role types.

Security Adminthis role is responsible for user management: creating users, assigning roles/permissions, and overseeing license allocation. Security Admin is the only user with permission to add, delete, deactivate users, reset passwords, or require two-factor authentication. The Security Admin role also includes direct access to data logs to evaluate or audit domain activity.  Outside of the above – the security admin can only view other areas of the application.
Adminthis role’s access is primarily via the browser application with permissions to configure domain settings and create domain entities such as locations, asset classes, and assets. Using the Manifest Web Application, the Admin role has access to view status of work, work history, and general reporting.  Within the Manifest Web Application, the “Admin” role equates to a Superadmin that has rights to do most everything within the Web Application.
It is also the Admins responsibility to agree to the Master Service Agreement once the domain is provisioned.

**IMPORTANT: Users with “Admin” role only, have very limited access to views and features on the 3D or Mobile applications.
Authorthis role has the access to create entities such as locations, asset classes, and assets; upload and edit 3D models; and to create and edit templates. Users responsible for authoring job templates must be assigned the Author role.  This roles responsibility includes documenting procedures and SOP’s.
Approverthis role is part of the editorial process that was released with v3.0.  This process allows for additional checks and controls. This role can reject template or approve templates. 
Publisherthis role can view templates only and is the only role that can publish templates.  The publisher role can directly recover a previously approved version to “published” state without going through the approval workflow again.
Operatorthis role has the access to create, perform, and review work in Manifest. Users responsible for operating work (jobs and tasks) guided by Manifest or reviewing and resolving ‘faults’ must be assigned the Operator role.
Viewerthis role has ‘view only’ access to view all domain data (assets, location, work, etc.), preview templates on device applications, and access general reports.
If you have questions about your role assignment and need to request additional access, this should be directed to your domain’s Security Admin.

* All roles include access to Connect via the browser, client applications, or both.
* Viewer is automatically included for Authors and Operators so there is no need to assign ‘Viewer’ to users with either of those roles.

Manifest Web Application Specific Permissions by Role

The below permissions grid is specific to the Manifest Web Application and are not applicable for the Manifest 3D application or iOS application. The ‘Area’ follows the left navigation within the Manifest Web Application.

If you have questions about your role assignment and need to request additional access, this should be directed to your domain’s Security Admin.

AreaPermissionAdminAuthorOperatorApproverPublisherViewerSecurity Admin
LocationsAdd Model
LocationsAdd to Favorites
LocationsCopy Link
Child LocationsView
Child LocationsAdd
Child LocationsEdit
Child LocationsDelete
Asset ClassView
Asset ClassAdd
Asset ClassEdit
Asset ClassUpload Files: Documents, Thumbnail Images
Asset ClassView Files: Documents, Thumbnail Images
Asset ClassRestore Asset Class
Asset ClassDelete Files
Asset ClassDelete Asset Classes
Asset ClassUpload 3D Models
Asset ClassView 3D Models
Asset ClassAdd to Favorites
Asset ClassCopy Link
Manage ModelsUpdate Model Rotation and Size
Manage ModelsAdd Views
AssetsDownload Asset Tags
AssetsDownload Alignment Tags
AssetsAdd Fault
AssetsCopy Link
AssetsAdd to Favorites
Faults PageAdd Fault
Faults PageView Fault
Faults PageAdd Fault Configuration
Faults PageResolve Fault
Faults PageEdit Fault
Faults PageAdd Work from Faults Page
Value ListsAdd Value List
Value ListsEdit Value List
Value ListsDelete Value List
TemplatesView Template
TemplatesAdd Template as Draft
TemplatesEdit Template as Draft
TemplatesDelete Draft Template
TemplatesDuplicate Draft Template
TemplatesAdd Meter Requirements
TemplatesAdd Notes
TemplatesDelete Notes
TemplatesView Notes
TemplatesCopy Highlights
TemplatesReorder Steps
TemplatesAdd Required Evidence
TemplatesImport from Zip
TemplatesDownload to PDF, ZIP or XLS
TemplatesView Template Activity
TemplatesCopy Link
TemplatesSubmit Template
TemplatesApprove Submitted Template
TemplatesReject Submitted Template
TemplatesEdit a Submitted Template
TemplatesPublish an Approved Template
TemplatesEdit a Published Template
TemplatesArchive Published Template
TemplatesRestore Archived Template
as Published
TemplatesCreate a New Draft
WorkAdd Job
WorkView Job
WorkEdit Job (only assigned / unassigned)
WorkDelete Job
WorkAssign Job to him/herself
WorkAssign Job to Other
WorkView Progress of Job
WorkStart Job / Resume Job
WorkAdd Job Evidence
WorkCancel Job
WorkShare Job
WorkReassign Job
WorkCopy Link
WorkAdd Fault
WorkAdd Fault Notes
WorkAdd Task
WorkView Task
WorkShare Task
WorkComplete Task
WorkAssign Task to him/herself
WorkAssign Task to Other
WorkExport Task to XLS, PDF, CSV, Zip
Work HistoryView
Work HistoryGo to Template
Work HistoryShare
Work HistoryExport to Excel
Work HistoryExport to CSV
Work HistoryExport to PDF
Work HistoryView Evidence Notes
Work HistoryView Fault Flags
Work HistoryResolve Fault Flags
Meter UnitsView Meter Units
Meter UnitsAdd Meter Units
Meter UnitsDelete Meter Units
Meter UnitsEdit Meter Units
MeasurementsView Measurements
MeasurementsAdd Measurements
MeasurementsDelete Measurements
MeasurementsUpdate Sensors
Meter RequirementsEdit Meter Requirements
Meter RequirementsDelete Meter Requirements
IoT MappingAdd IoT Mapping
IoT MappingEdit IoT Mapping
IoT MappingDelete IoT Mapping
Meter Evidence ReportView Report
Meter Evidence ReportExport to XLS
Meter Evidence ReportExport to CSV
Meter Evidence ReportResolve Issue
Meter Evidence ReportArchive Meter
Meter Evidence ReportAdd Work
UsersAdd User
UsersView Users
UsersEdit Users
UsersAssign User Permissions
UsersSelf Update Personal Information
UsersReset Password on Users Behalf