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About Text Capture

Text Capture allows users to use the camera to capture text in their environment for quick conversion to the digital format. Whether it’s a serial number, label, or sign – simply take a photo, and Text Capture will return the results in digital form for your use. While this tool can be used anywhere one would enter ‘Text’ – Search, Notes, Step Instructions, and so on – this is a great tool to quickly capture serial numbers or other asset identification into the Search window to pull up Assets (in lieu of scanning a QR code).

Using Text Capture

Text Capture is available in the Manifest Keyboard.

Text Capture

  1. Select any text entry box to open the Manifest Keyboard (to toggle from the Microsoft Keyboard (on HoloLens), select the side left tab with the ‘keyboard’ symbol)
  2. From the Manifest Keyboard select the button with the ‘T’ symbol in the upper left-hand corner
Manifest Keyboard with Text Capture button highlighted
  1. A photo capture popup will appear in front of the Text Capture instructions. This popup is a ‘follow me’ window that will follow the users’ gaze but may also be manually moved by air tapping, holding, and dragging to the desired position; and pinned.
  1. While aiming the headset and gaze at the printed text, select the red camera button or say ‘take photo’ to capture the image
  2. The captured text will be returned in the window below the text input bar
  • To retake the photo, select the camera icon in the upper left-hand corner
  • To view the photo taken, select the photo icon
  • To insert the converted text, select the appropriate text box

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