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Manifest Content Creation

Who builds content on Manifest? 

You do. Manifest was created to be a simple to use tool to author content without needing programming or CAD experience. Once equipped with a HMD,  your knowledge experts add content directly into Manifest through a non-technical wizard.  Taqtile provides training and guidance on best practices to get your team up to speed quickly.   

How long does it take to create content? 

In our customer experience it typically takes 15% to 20% longer to create the content then to do the actual job. Quick data and knowledge capture from our knowledge experts. As a Manifest author, simple steps can be created in under a minute.  Recording first person view video is as easy as tapping the record button embedded on an individual step and then performing the action to be recorded.  Pictures and video are captured from the front facing camera on a HMD and then uploaded to the Taqtile cloud.  Playback, Fast Forward, Rewind and video scanning allow authors to quickly review recorded footage.

Who owns content on Manifest? 

You do. Each customer has their own fully partitioned data storage for all of your companies content and assets.

Does Taqtile build content to Manifest for customers? 

We have partners that we can contract to build content for customers that require it. Ask our Sales Team for more information at info@taqtile.com.

Do I need 3D models to make this work?  

No – 3D models are not required, but our system does include that capability. 

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