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      Whenever I click on the call button at the top right, I get this error message in the client portal:

      “We have encountered a problem. Please check your settings to ensure that:

      • – Audio and video are enabled
      • – Browser is up to date
      • – Auto-play blocker add-ons are disabled
      • – No video streaming is simultaneously enabled
      • – You interacted with the page first”

      I don’t have a webcam, but I have a mic. I don’t think I have any adblockers on, but I’m not sure, and I’m not streaming from the HoloLens. I don’t really know what, “You interacted with the page first,” means here. I am not logged into the HoloLens.

      Sarah and I can send messages to each other (1 on HoloLens and the other on the web client portal). The person on HoloLens can call back to the client, but if we try to pick up from the client portal, we get the same error above.

      Do you guys know what we might be doing wrong?

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      Hey Wesley. Thanks for reaching out. There are some things here that we can look at. I have a theory, but not absolutely sure about it. Is there a way you can plug in a webcam just to test if that’s the issue. I get the feeling that the web client is looking for video and audio and throwing an error if both are not available (which would be a bug). Let me know if it’s a possibility. I just tested from my desktop and removed my camera, which led to the same error. Let me know if you can test

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      Hey John. Good to hear from you. I don’t have a web cam right now to test, but one should be coming — hopefully within a few weeks.

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      OK. Well in the meantime, I’ll log a bug. We might be able to put a fix out before you get a webcam 🙂

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