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How to create 3D animations supported by the new version

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      What’s the right way to make 3D animations in order to make the new “Animation” feature work?

      Is there a specific format or software that we have to use?

      The animation dropdownlist doesn’t show anything with the current models that I have uploaded.

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      When uploading a 3D Animation file to the Manifest Web Application, the server will extract any metadata / animation frames (if available), parse them out, and make them available for the 3D Models in Manifest. If your animated 3D Model is not displaying animations in the drop-down list – possible reasons might be: 

      – Model file type: Currently this is only supported for FBX model files but we should have an update within the next several weeks that also supports this for GLB and GLTF model files
      Model does not have multiple animations: If your modeler did not create the animation with multiple frames and only has a single animation for the model file it will only render the single play option

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      Both Maya (https://www.autodesk.com/products/maya/overview) and Blender (https://www.blender.org/) support the ability to create multiple animations on a single model and export to FBX and/or GLB/GLTF.

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      I’m trying with Blender, but creating multiple animations does’t work.

      The dropdownlist of the web portal shows the “scenes” in the files, not the animations.

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      Here is a sample Blender file and an exported .fbx with multiple animations for the same object. This is the file that we used to setup and test the animation feature in Manifest. Each animation is an “Action” in Blender.

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      Thank you Bryan, I saw few differences in the configuration while exporting FBX. That’s why I couldn’t see all the actions in the dropdownlist.


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