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      Can I have a little assistance, please? On the Web Portal, I have added an associated meter (temperature) to an Assett Class, defned a measurement in the “Measurement” menu, and IoT mapping in the corresponding menu. We have the temperature sensors hooked up to the network, can see their values on a web browser. Now my question is, how to proceed with linking them to Manifest so we can see the values either on the Web Portal or in Manifest AR mode? Looking forward to your answers!

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      Is this where I should set up something?

      “Client” > “Client settings” > “IoT Settings”

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      It seems I am less familiar with the topic than I thought 🙂

      We have a RaspberryPI as the “hub” of the temperature sensors. If I understood your reply correctly, the first approach might not work in our case, but a manually written script might. What are your thoughts? If the whole Raspberry approach is wrong, what devices would you suggest to acquire?

      Also, if a webpage could be opened from a Manifest step, then we could read the values (I think)

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      I don’t think it’s wrong at all. I would do the manual script running on the Pi. It’s the easiest and most straightforward solution.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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