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      Even trying to post new input is cumbersome.

      Have spoken extensively to Taylor and Cory on the need to simplify first users ability to open the box of a Magic Leap 1, start it up (Found some idioscyncracies already) and fire up Manifest and build a project or job, in less than 15 minutes. This is should not be hard to do, for an older generation user like my self who is equipment and process savvy, however the Tool that I use is not my life (Like my older kids and their electronic gadgets) it is only a means to an end to get a job done. I build simple straight forward Visual Lock Out Tag Out Osha Compliant procedures that are currently hung on the equipment. Using something like the Taqtile System, I believe I can accomplish this and leave only a QR tag behind for authorized users to scan with their Android or Apply device to follow the video or instructions.

      Needs to be simple straightforward and ANY new user friendly.


      If you someone wants to get my REAL Life input, please contact me directly at:

      (442) 248-7587


      Martin Scharing President MAS Safety Services.

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      Hi Martin,

      I’d like to hear more detail about your feedback. I’ll call you later today.


      John Tomizuka

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      Hi John,

      I will be in training with Cory and Taylor from 1-3PM today, so please call me before or right after. My direct Cell is: (442) 248-7587




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