Manifest Connect


Manifest Connect is the communication and collaboration component of Manifest.  Built on the industry standard WebRTC server technology, Manifest Connect enables real-time and asynchronous collaboration, communication, and remote guidance among frontline workers. Jobs are done faster and more accurately when workers can get help from experts whenever and wherever they need it.  

Augmented Communication Platform

Manifest Connect’s robust communication features empower team members to communicate and collaborate within the Manifest platform.  Its capabilities include: 

  • Individual and group text chats 
  • Live 2-way, audio and video chats including “see what I see” video 
  • Sharing of audio, video, mixed reality photos, PDFs and other files 
  • Recording of text chats and file sharing activity 
  • Smart contact filtering for quickly locating available experts 
  • Voice commands and gesture supported navigation 

 Remote Expert Guidance

Manifest Connect also enables remote experts to collaborate with workers and help direct their work. During a video sharing session, experts can use augmented overlay controls to remotely guide team members to focus on a specific location. Alternatively, experts can also prepare step-by-step work instructions and share them asynchronously to workers via chats. Other capabilities include: 

  • Targeting which experts use to create targets that hover over locations, such as a machine’s power button, and could include spatial audio which further helps direct a worker’s focus. 
  • “Way finding”  directional arrows  which experts float within the field of view of workers to temporarily direct them to look in a specific directions. 
  • Live annotations which experts create using free form, digital ink to create pen strokes that will appear as holograms displayed over the real-world environment within a worker’s field of view. 
  • Eye tracking to enable remote experts to understand where workers are focusing to further provide guidance and direction. 
  • Configurability which  enables or disables specific functionality, such as eye tracking, for each individual user. 

Unique Advantages of Manifest Connect 

  • Fully integrated into a complete end-to-end, enterprise platform for creating and executing work instructions and training. Every license of Manifest includes Manifest Connect. 
  • Flexible architecture that runs on public and private clouds as well as offline. 
  • Support for a broad set of devices ranging from heads-up displays to mobile devices and phones to web browsers. 
  • Differentiated, innovative features that enable more and better collaboration, including remote guidance, recording, and voice commands and gestures support. 
  • Sharing and viewing of a large set of file types including PDF documents and schematics, mixed reality photos, videos, and audio clips. 
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