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Step Note Types & Specifications

Please find the standard description and specifications for step title and the various step note types below for your reference.

When pre-authoring in the Client Web Portal, please be mindful of required file formats and sizes before uploading the notes to your template. These requirements are already handled if you are authoring on a 3D or Mobile device.

Note TypeDescriptionTips & Specification
Step titleDisplays on step markerNo character limit. Step markers will expand to fit the step title. We recommend keeping step titles clear and concise; breaking up long instructions into multiple steps when possible.
TextUse text notes to expand on instructions, detail requirements, or to include a warning/caution notice.No character limit. Text note display will paginate to show longer text. We recommend keeping instructions clear and concise.
AudioAdd a recorded audio note to audibly narrate the instructions to an operator.File formats accepted: .wav
VideoAdd a video recording (uploaded via the Client Web Portal or recorded directly from the application) to demonstrate the instruction or required step.File formats accepted: .mp4, .mpg, mpeg, or .MOV
Limited to size of 500mb

Optimal specifications:
– 720p
– 1280 x 720 pixels
– Aspect ration 16:9
ImageAdd an image note (uploaded via the Client Web Portal or captured directly from the application) to compliment the step instruction with a visual reference.File formats accepted: .png, .jpg, .jpeg

Optimal specifications:
– 720p
– 1280 x 720 pixels
– Aspect ration 16:9
BookmarkBookmark a specific page in a PDF to call attention to an outside document, manual, brochure, or other. PDF file must be uploaded and associated to the asset class before a bookmark note can be added.
PenUsing the 3D application, authors can include a 3D ink drawing or add a colored shape (arrow, square, circle) in a space or around an object to call attention to the operator.Pen notes can only be authored on the 3D application.
ActionAdd an automated action to your step. Authors can code a step to automatically render or hide a 3D Model or 3D Meter, or to prompt the operator to scan an alignment tag.Limit of 1 3D Model Action per step.
Template noteAdd a sub-job or procedure to a step by embedding a template as a step note. The user will be required to ‘go to’ and complete this sub-job before returning to the main job again. Limit of 1 Choice note (max of 5 options) OR Template note on each step.
Choice noteAdd optional paths from any step. Paths can present a series of options or conditions that if selected will either generate a new sub-job, or proceed the user to the next step.Limit of 1 Choice note (max of 5 options) OR Template note on each step.

Tips from the Experts

  • Try to keep instructions succinct and non-repetitive to optimize the ease and efficiency for the operator.
  • If you are recording audio or video on another device to upload to your template – be sure the speaker speaks ‘loud and clear’ directly into the mic for best results. 
  • If preparing content outside the application, below are some ways to enhance your content:
    • Add captions to videos
    • Take PPT slideshow and convert to videos with narrations and captions
    • Create eye catching image notes and calls to attention using tools such as PPT and then save as an image note (using the above specifications). Great for warnings and alerts!

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