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What devices does Manifest support?   

Manifest supports a wide range of devices to provide choice and flexibility to choose the right tool for the job. Manifest supports head mounted devices such as HoloLens 2, Magic Leap 1, wearables like RealWear, iPads, Android devices and the Chrome browser. 

For a detailed explanation of device support and use cases, review this article

Do you need a PC to use Manifest?   

No. A PC is not needed to use Manifest. Access to a browser – on a PC, on a tablet, on a phone, or other devices – is required.  It is worth noting that many Manifest users prefer to use a PC to “pre-author” templates and content because a keyboard and mouse can be the most efficient method of creating large amounts of content – but it is not necessary. 

What is the difference between VR, AR and MR?   

These terms are often defined differently but can also be used interchangeably so they can be confusing.  Generally, the industry accepted definitions are as follows: 

AUGMENTED REALITY is the layering of digital content onto physical reality, enabling users to see both at the same time through a smart display such as glasses, a headset, or a mobile device.  

VIRTUAL REALITY is a fully immersive, occluded experience in which users interact with digital objects and environments instead of with the physical world.  

MIXED REALITY is a spectrum that represents the blending of the physical and digital worlds, spanning from augmented reality at one end to virtual reality at the other. Like augmented reality, it can be experienced on a variety of devices, including head-mounted displays, PCs, and mobile devices. Mixed reality often supports spatially anchored 3D content which is typically not included in the formal definition of augmented reality. 

Manifest is both a mixed and augmented reality solution, depending on the device being used to access it.  For simplicity reasons, it is often referred to as an augmented reality solution. 

How are companies utilizing Manifest?   

Manifest is being used by a broad set of companies in many different industries including manufacturing, defense, transportation, pharmaceutical, utilities, and many more.  Uses are varied as well and include training, operations, inspections, remote assistance, and collaboration. 

How does Manifest work?  

Manifest is a software-as-a service (SAAS) solution that can be used in a public cloud or deployed and used locally or on a private cloud infrastructure. Manifest provided the tools for experts to capture and digitally document work instructions and procedures to help less skilled workers accurately and consistently perform complex repairs, operations, inspections, and other tasks. With Manifest, your own subject matter experts do the authoring in a non-technical manner. In nearly the same time it takes an expert to perform a job, they can “author” a procedure that hundreds or thousands of workers anytime, anywhere can follow along to perform these tasks as well as the expert themselves.  

How secure is Manifest?  

Security and privacy are a central focus for our team here at Taqtile.  We are committed to protecting our customers’ data and devoted to the information security and data privacy needs of our worldwide customers. As such, we have built our product, systems, and policies with industry leading and recognized technologies and standards. And we have committed to working only with suppliers that share this philosophy and approach. 

The Manifest solution is hosted in world-class Microsoft Azure data centers to ensure the highest levels of security and availability. Benefits of Microsoft hosting services include physical security and access control, environmental controls, fire detection and suppression, power redundancy and a secure network architecture. More details are available at the Microsoft Trust Center. 

For customers requiring a higher level of security, Manifest can be deployed on-premise, completely within the customer’s infrastructure and on an “air-gapped” network with no connection to the internet or outside network. 

Manifest provides many additional features and functions that help users secure data and implement security policy including: 

  • Secure authentication 
  • User access control 
  • Encrypted file system, transmission, and sessions 
  • Automatic backups and redundancy 

How do you procure the head mounted devices that Manifest supports?  

Contacting Microsoft or Magic Leap directly may be the fastest way to buy these devices.  But Taqtile is always happy to help.  Please contact for help. 

Do I need a developer to use Manifest?   

No—Manifest was created with your skilled industry workers in mind. No programing or CAD experience is required to Author in or Operate Manifest.   

Is IT support needed to set up and use Manifest?   

Minimal IT support could be needed to get set up the head mounted devices onto the companies’ network (if applicable) As far as needing IT support to use Manifest…the answer is NO…Manifest is easy to use!   

How do I clear my Holograms and my space on the Head Mounted Device?   

For the Hololens 1 and Hololens 2 there are two settings which enable user to “clean up” holograms and cause HoloLens to “forget” a space.  They exist in the Holograms and environments in the settings app, which the second setting also appearing under Privacy in the settings app.   

  • Delete nearby holograms: When you select this setting, HoloLens will erase all anchored holograms and all stored map data for the “current space” where the devices are located.  A new map section would be created and stored in the database for that location once holograms are again placed at the same time.    
  • Delete all hologram: By selecting this setting, HoloLens will erase ALL map data and anchored holograms in the entire databases of spaces.  No holograms will be rediscovered, and any holograms need to be newly placed to again store map sections in the database. 

How do you clear immersive apps & Holograms or landscape apps from memory on Magic Leap?  

To stop any immersive applications from running and to keep them from running in the background, press and hold the Home/Back button on the Magic Leap Control. You’ll then be presented with a menu to allow you to close the experience. This is also how you quit Manifest on Magic Leap.  

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