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About this release

Introducing Manifest Maker – a new iPad app to help you digitize your procedures, create step-by-step work instructions, and build Manifest Templates faster than ever. Simply use an iPad to record experts performing procedures and then transform that video into work instructions. 

  • Designed for the iPad 
  • Equipped with a simple, intuitive user interface 
  • Packed full of features to transform and enhance videos 
  • Fully compatible with Manifest

1.0 was published to the Apple App Store on October 21, 2022

Support notes

Requires iPadOS 15.0 or later.  

Check out the new Discord community, specifically created to connect the Manifest Makers. 

Overview of what’s new

Use Manifest Maker to document your procedures and instructions then share your repeatable, step-by-step work instructions. 

Transform videos into step-by-step instructions   
Convert existing or new videos into easy-to-follow instructions, augmented with images, text notes, PDFs, and video clips.   

Transcribe and dictate   
Use text automatically transcribed from videos or dictated to describe and explain the steps in your procedures and to add notes for additional guidance. 

Create and edit images   
Create images simply by dragging and dropping still frames from a video. Then mark up these images with text and shapes.   

Scan and bookmark physical manuals   
Scan documents to digitize text and use in your work instructions or bookmark PDFs at specific steps to display manuals and schematics.   

Export directly to Manifest or share with colleagues   
Export directly to Manifest as a Template for additional augmentation and use. Also share via PDF or in a format that can be used by other Manifest Maker users.  

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