Manifest Web Application | 4.11.22 Release Notes

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About this release

Below you will find all the latest updates introduced on the Manifest Client Web Application on June 20, 2022. This push addressed various new enhancements and bug fixes. Please see below for more details about these new Manifest features.

Support notes

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation.

Overview of what’s new

General Feature Enhancements

  • Newly designed sign-in page that makes all the Active Login options look nicer 
  • Copy links to jobs and assets are now included on the Home page 
  • Added ability to delete your avatar picture on your Profile page 
  • Removed the ability to delete locations when there are assets or jobs associated to the Location 
  • Added the ability to permanently delete templates with jobs attached. User will be prompted to view all the Jobs that will be deleted with this template deletion and has to agree before proceeding 
  • Added alerts for any Job that has a Choice Note that goes to a template with no Asset in the current location 

Fixed in Release

  • Fixed model action notes to show in the template dropdown 
  • Fixed issue in which template import failed to import meter data 
  • Fixed issue where sorting by issue on the Meter Evidence Report was causing an error 
  • Fixed issue where sorting by meter on the Measurement page wasn’t working 
  • Fixed issue where authoring and editing a text note wasn’t working consistently 
  • Fixed issue where the video voice over feature was throwing an error 

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