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“My barcode won’t scan using the 3D headset” – Troubleshooting Tips

QR Code

For the 3D headset to read the QR code, ensure the following QR code requirements are met:

  • QR code should be printed to the minimum size of 46mm. For smaller QR codes, the device must be closer to detect the code and it may take longer to detect.
  • In well-lit environments, QR codes should be printed in black ink on a white background. (See alternative suggestions under ‘Environment’ section for bright lighting or dark environments).
  • Ensure the QR code is readable – printed with sufficient ink and no printing errors (e.g., folded paper, smudges)
  • Ensure the QR code has a “quiet zone” margin around the code, e.g., the QR code needs to have a border of whitespace around the QR itself. If the QR code is cut down to have the black aspects of the QR code flesh with the edge of the label – it may not be read by the device.
  • QR codes on curved surfaces aren’t supported. QR code should be placed on a flat surface.

To rule out issues with the QR code:

  • Print another QR code from the same domain and try to scan from the same device
  • Test that the same QR code can be scanned from another Manifest application (e.g., iPad, Android)
  • Asset Tag ID should be maximum of 14 characters
  • Ensure QR code was generated from Manifest Web application to rule out any potential issues caused from an externally generated QR code
  • Reprint QR code from Manifest and test again (best practice is to print the Asset Tag to PDF so it will retain all sizing settings)

Distance and Angular Position from the QR Code

The headset device is best able to detect and read a QR code when the camera is facing head-on or at a maximum of 45-degree angle. The smaller the QR code, the closer the user must be and the longer the camera must be aimed at the QR code to complete the scan. To rule out a user position issue:

  • Move the same QR code to another location placed at the user’s eye level on a flat surface, perpendicular to the floor so it can be scanned head on. If this is successful, adjustments can be then made accordingly to determine an optimal position for the QR code.
  • Ensure user is aiming the camera at the QR code for the full scanning period (QR detection may take longer in some cases)

In order to aid scanning, it can help for the user to move their head around the tag while the scanning is occurring so that it can potentially scan from different angles and lighting conditions (glare, etc).


QR code detection quality is susceptible to varying illumination and backdrop. Under normal lighting conditions, provide enough contrast for the black/white modules for better performance. In extreme lighting conditions with bright lighting or dark backdrop, you can try to reduce and adjust contrast which could improve QR code detection rate. To rule out environmental issues:

  • Move the same QR code to another location with optimal lighting and try to scan.

Application and Device Operating System

The Manifest 3D application will need permission to access the device webcam to scan QR codes. It is possible that newer Manifest versions may have relevant bug fixes, so it’s always best to be on the most current version for your device. To rule out issues with the Application or device Operating System:

  • Confirm the Manifest application on the device has been granted permissions to the device Camera (Settings -> Privacy -> Camera -> Choose which apps can access your camera: make sure it is enabled for Manifest)
  • Ensure the HoloLens Operating System is up to date (Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update. Check that you are up to date.)
  • Ensure the Manifest application is up to date to the latest version by visiting the App Store
  • In the case where the application may have gotten into a ‘bad state’, try restarting the application.
  • The last option would be to uninstall the application and do a clean install of the latest version


To rule out issues with hardware:

  • Ensure the devices camera is enabled
  • Ensure device is properly positioned on user’s head with the visor down so that the camera is positioned facing the QR code
  • Ensure the camera lens is clean and unobstructed
  • Ensure there is not an issue with a particular device’s camera by scanning the same QR code using the Manifest application but using another device of the same type (e.g., if there is another HoloLens device – try to scan the same QR code, same environment with that device)
  • Isolate any hardware issues with the camera, outside of the Manifest application, by scanning a QR code using an external application

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