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3D Models are a great way to aid Operators when previewing or performing a Job or learning about a new type of equipment. Manifest lends various tools across each platform enabling Authors to enhance the contextual experience – whether by use of a digital twin (at scale model), or by augmenting Job Step instructions with a 3D model or animation.


  • Users with Admin or Author permissions are able to upload 3D models to an Asset Class in the Manifest Web Application
  • Only users with Author permissions can access the Model Setup tools in the Manifest 3D Application (including adjusting the scale, position, rotation of a model or adding / editing Model Views)
  • All users can view 3D models associated with an Asset and manipulate (scale, rotate, reposition) for their own session. These changes will not be saved to the server.

Specifications for Uploading 3D Models to Manifest

Before uploading a 3D Model into Manifest please be sure to review the accepted file formats, limitations of model density and texture images, and general specifications for exporting, uploading, and setting up 3D Models for Manifest.

  • Limit to 50,000 vertices or less
  • Limit to 10 materials or less (each one is a draw call)
  • Limit to 5 textures
  • Limit textures to 2048 x 2048 or smaller
  • Zipped folder can contain only 1 model file (.obj, .glb , .stl, etc) and many additional files (Max 10). If the zipped folder contains more than 1 model file an error will occur.
  • Images can be in the form of .png and/or .jpg files

Notes for Exporting Models from 3D Software

  • Set Z to Forward   
  • Set Y to Up   
  • Triangulate Faces   
  • Model scale 1 unit = 1 meter   
  • Set all xyz rotations to 0 
  • Asset tag will be placed at the origin of the model. 

Valid 3D Model File Formats

Model TypeAdditional associated files may include
.obj.mtl (Optional. Max 1) + images (Optional. Max 10)
gltf.bin (1 optional) + images (Optional. Max 10)
.fbximages (Optional. Max 10)
.daeimages (Optional. Max 10)
.3mfimages (Optional. Max 10)
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