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User Invitation

When a new user is provisioned with a Manifest user license, a system-generated welcome email will be sent to the user’s email address. The welcome email includes the following information:

  • Domain: A unique client domain which will be needed to log into any Manifest application, along with the user’s individual login credentials
  • Manifest Web application URL: The full URL required to access the Manifest Web application
    • ex: “”
  • Link to set-up password: Users will be sent a link to create their Manifest password.
    • Login Credentials: user email + created password

The welcome email will also include information about what role(s) the user has been assigned by their Security Administrator and contact details for Client Domain administrator(s).

User Profile and EULA

After the password has been created, the user will be prompted to accept the Taqtile End-User License Agreement and set-up their profile. Upon successful initial login, users will be prompted to Update their name, title, and avatar within Manifest.

View or Change User Profile

  • Users can change any of the information in their profile
    • Manifest Web application:
      • To edit select the avatar in the Web application
    • Manifest iPadOS application:
      • Navigate to Settings, which will default to Account view. Select Edit Profile

*Note: Profile information cannot be edited in the Manifest 3D application

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