About Locations 

Locations are a great way to organize work and data within Manifest. While typically, a Location is a physical location such as a specific plant, a discrete part of a facility, or a geographical location such as a city, Locations can also be used to segment distinct groups within a domain. Since both Assets and Work are associated with a specific Location, Locations provide a structured way to organize this data.  

Create a Location 

At least one Location must exist in the Manifest application. This will be required to view the Work Window, generate Assets, and create Work. To create a new Location, follow these steps:  

  • Locate the Locations menu item on the Left-Hand navigation 
  • Select “+ Location” 
  • Enter the Location Name, Location Address (City, State, Zip Code and State) 
  • Once the address is configured, the ‘Find Coordinates’ button will be enabled from gray to blue 
  • Click on the ‘Find Coordinates’ and the lat/long coordinates will prefill and a map view of the Location will appear 
  • Use the description field to add additional information about the Location  
  • Select ‘Create’ once the Location has been configured 

Edit or Delete a Location 

  • From the Locations listing page, expand the Location that needs to be edited or deleted 
  • Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the Location  
  • Select ‘Edit’ and make the necessary edits to the Location 
  • Select ‘Delete’ and the Location will be deleted 

IMPT! Locations that have associated Assets and/or Work items cannot be deleted. To delete a Location, all related Assets need to be reassigned to another location.  

Adding a 3D Model to a Location 

To add a 3D Model to a Location: 

  • From the Locations listing page, expand the Location where the 3D model will be added 
  • Select + next to ‘No Associated Model’ 
  • A modal will open where the Modal Name can be configured and a model can be uploaded. The accepted model format types include: .obj, .gltf, .fbx, .dae, .3mf, .stl, .glb, .usdz* 

Child Locations 

Child Locations are sub-Locations associated with a parent Location.  

To add Child Locations: 

  • From the Locations listing page expand the Location where a Child Location will be added 
  • Select + on Child Locations 
  • Enter the Location Name, Location Address and follow the same instructions outlined above  
  • Select ‘Create’ and the Child Location will now be linked and nested under the parent Location 
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