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Locations are a great way to organize work and data within Manifest. While typically, a Locations are a great way to organize work and data within Manifest. While typically, a Location is a physical location such as a specific plant, a discrete part of a facility, or a geographical location such as a city, Locations can also be used to segment distinct groups within a domain. Since both Assets and Jobs are associated with a specific Location, Locations provide a structured way to organize this data.  

Create a Location 

At least one Location must exist in the Manifest application. This will be required to view the Job Board, generate Assets, and create Jobs. To create a new Location, follow these steps:  

  • Locate the Locations menu item on the Left-Hand navigation 
  • Select “+ Location” 
  • Enter the Location Name, Location Address (City, State, Zip Code and State) 
  • Once the address is configured, the ‘Find Coordinates’ button will be enabled from gray to blue 
  • Click on the ‘Find Coordinates’ and the lat/long coordinates will prefill and a map view of the Location will appear 
  • Use the description field to add additional information about the Location  
  • Toggle on the secure location button if this location needs to be secure. More on secure location is outlined below 
  • Select ‘Create’ once the Location has been configured 

Edit or Delete a Location 

  • From the Locations listing page, expand the Location that needs to be edited or deleted 
  • Click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the Location  
  • Select ‘Edit’ and make the necessary edits to the Location 
  • Select ‘Delete’ and the Location will be deleted 

IMPT! Locations that have associated Assets and/or Jobs cannot be deleted. To delete a Location, all related Assets need to be reassigned to another location.  

Adding a 3D Model to a Location 

To add a 3D Model to a Location: 

  • From the Locations listing page, expand the Location where the 3D model will be added 
  • Select + next to ‘No Associated Model’ 
  • A modal will open where the Modal Name can be configured and a model can be uploaded. The accepted model format types include: .obj, .gltf, .fbx, .dae, .3mf, .stl, .glb, .usdz* 

Child Locations 

Child Locations are sub-Locations associated with a parent Location.  

To add Child Locations: 

  • From the Locations listing page expand the Location where a Child Location will be added 
  • Select + on Child Locations 
  • Enter the Location Name, Location Address and follow the same instructions outlined above  
  • Select ‘Create’ and the Child Location will now be linked and nested under the parent Location 

Secure Locations 

There may be Locations that can be configured to be ‘Secure’ preventing specific content to be uploaded when completing a Job (such as taking and uploading a photo or video). 

By selecting ‘Secure Location’ the Location will be labeled as ‘Secure.’ Once a Location is set to Secure mode, accessing the camera to capture a photo or video can be prevented in Jobs run in that Location. 

Any Secure Location will be marked with a red “S” in the Location list display. 

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