Prerequisites to manage users

  • The Security Administrator (Account Owner) role
  • Access to the Manifest Web Application (users can only be managed using this application)

About Users

Users are managed with the side bar menu of the Manifest Web Application.  This area is where users can be added and assigned licenses based on the number of licenses that have been purchased. Only the Account Owner and those that are assigned the Security Administrator role has access to the Users section and can manage users.

Creating New users

  • Select ‘Users’ from the side bar menu
  • Select ‘+ Create New Users’
  • A ‘Create New User‘ modal will appear enabling the new user to be configured with these fields:
    • License Type: Select the license type to be assigned to this user
      • Full License: Includes Admin, Author, Operator and Viewer roles
      • Operate License: Includes Operator Role
      • Connect License: Includes the Viewer Role
    • Email*: Enter the email address of the user to be added
    • First Name: Enter in the users’ first name (not required)
    • Last Name: Enter in the users’ last name (not required)
    • Title: Enter in the users’ title (not required)
    • Description: Enter a brief description (if applicable) of the user (ie: Product department, etc.) (not required)
    • Avatar: Add an avatar image for the user (not required)
    • Set password: A toggle that if enabled, allows the password to be set on behalf of the user
  • Select ‘Create’
  • A ‘Success’ modal will pop-up when the user is successfully created
  • Select ‘Close’
  • The user will not appear in the user listing

NOTE: The security admin role can be assigned to any user, enabling that user to manage users and review activity and data logs

License Management Center

In the top right corner of the Users page, a snapshot of the licenses available versus the licenses used will be displayed.

  • Orange F = Number of Full licenses used verse available
  • Dark Blue O = Number of Operate licenses users verse available
  • Light Blue C = Number of Connect licenses users verse available


Once a user is added to the Users area, there are various actions available to manage that user’s account 

  • Edit: Ability to edit the users field
  • Delete: Ability to delete the user
  • Reset Password: Ability to send out a reset password to the user (by selecting the ‘Reset Password’ link)
  • Deactivate User: Ability to remove the login capabilities of the user (by selecting ‘Deactivate User’) The user will still display in the user listing. Deactivated users will not be able to login into any of the Manifest applications.
  • Two-factor Authentication: If two-factory authentication (2FA) is enabled in the client settings, the security admin can require 2FA for any user in the user listing. For more information on 2FA, please see here.
  • Diagnostics: This toggle will enable or disable diagnostics data collection. For more information on Diagnostics, please see here.

Additional Actions

  • Export to CSV: Ability to download the Users listing into a CSV file
  • Export to XLS: Ability to download the Users listing into an Excel spreadsheet
    • NOTE: This is currently limited to 1000 users
  • Filter: Ability to filter by Role and Status
    • Roles: Admin, Author, Operator, Security Admin, Viewer
    • Status: Active, Inactive Users
      • Active: Users that can actively login and use the Manifest applications
      • Inactive: Users that have been deactivated and cannot access the Manifest applications. (Inactive users will be grayed out in the users listing)

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