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About the Dashboard

The Web Application dashboard – or what we call “Home” is a centralized place that gives a snapshot of all activity for the specific user and the overall Activity within the domain.

Using the Dashboard

By default, upon logging into the Manifest Web Application you will land on the “Home” page, which provides the following information:

  • My Jobs Priority: Displays the total number of a user’s Open and In Progress Jobs based on a High, Medium and Low ranking.  Clicking on any of the will display a filtered list of the user’s Jobs at that priority level.  Completed Jobs will not be displayed here by design.
  • Asset Coverage: Asset Coverage shows a percentage of Assets where jobs are being performed.  
  • Job by Location: Jobs by Location gives a breakdown of a user’s Total, Opened and Completed Jobs at each Location within the Manifest domain.  Clicking on any of the Locations will display a filtered list of a user’s Jobs at that specific Location.    
  • Recent Jobs: Recent Jobs give a breakdown of the Jobs that are Assigned, In Complete and have been Completed by the specific user.  Easily sort these jobs by newest to oldest, oldest to newest, A-Z, Z-A, Low to High priority or High to Low priority. Use the three-dot option to reassign any job or delete any job.  
  • My Favorites: Favorite any Location, Asset, Asset Class, Template or Chat and have it instantly showed up in the Favorites section of the ‘Home’ page.  Easily sort by A – Z or Z – A or filter by any of the entities to receive a reduced list of favorites.  
  • Activity: Activity displays activity for every user in the domain.  See the activity as it happens, sort by a specific user or filter by a specific action. Default activity shows “All Users” but can be filtered by individual users to view their activity.  

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