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About the Dashboard

The Web Application dashboard – or what we call “Home” is a centralized place that gives you a snapshot of all your activity for and the overall Activity within the domain.

Using the Dashboard

Upon successful log-in to the Manifest Web Application page, you will be taken to the Home window. Home can be found from any window using the Main Menu to the left-hand side of the screen.

The Home window contains your Dashboard and provides the following information:

  • Work Priority: Displays your total number of Open and In Progress Work based on a High, Medium and Low ranking.  Clicking on any of the will display a filtered list of the your assigned Work at that priority level.  Completed Work will not be displayed here by design
  • Asset Coverage: Asset Coverage shows a percentage of Assets where Work is being performed
  • Work by Location: This section gives a breakdown of your Total, Opened and Completed Work at each Location within the Manifest domain.  Clicking on any of the Locations will display a filtered list of your assigned Work at that specific Location, completed or otherwise 
  • Recent Work: Recent Work gives a breakdown of Work you’ve been Assigned, is In Progress, and any Work that has been Completed
    • Sort Work items by:
      • Newest to Oldest
      • Oldest to Newest
      • A-Z
      • Z-A
      • Low to High priority
      • High to Low priority
    • Use the Actions button to reassign or delete Work items as necessary
  • My Favorites: Favorite any Location, Asset, Asset Class, Template or Chat and have it instantly shown in the Favorites section of your Dashboard.  Easily sort by A – Z or Z – A, or filter by any of the available parameters to receive a narrowed list of favorites
  • Activity: This sections lists all activity on your domain in real time. You can sort by a specific user or filter by a specific action type
    • *Note: Default filter shows All Users

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