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Welcome to Manifest! This article outlines steps to get your Manifest implementation off the ground starting with initial domain set up, new user provisioning, understanding the Manifest data structure, and basic data configuration.

Initial domain set-up & Onboarding Support 

When a Manifest domain is first deployed, a system generated email will be sent to the designated Security Administrator and Administrator. Access links are valid for 72 hours. If the link expires, access the domain URL in the email and use the ‘Forgot Password’ function to set a password and complete initial user set up. For more information, reference the Password Help guide. 

The Security Administrator or Account Owner is the owner of the Manifest domain and is responsible for accepting the Master Services Agreement and completing initial user set up. For more information, reference the First time user set up guide.

Once initial user set up is complete, take a look at the Onboarding Support module to review and perform jobs using Manifest. These training templates will help both administrators and users get the most out of Manifest!

New user provisioning 

Once initial set up is complete, the Security Administrator can add additional users and assign roles / permissions accordingly. Additionally, the Security Administrator can create and assign onboarding jobs to help new users get familiar with Manifest. For comprehensive training on Manifest user provisioning, please watch the Manifest Roles & Permissions and User Setup and Provisioning training videos.  

This information can also be reviewed in the Domain and User Provisioning and Roles & Permissions guides. 

Manifest data structure 

The Manifest data structure centers around the following four core data types; Location, Asset Class, Asset, and Template. Each Manifest implementation requires configuration of this core data. For comprehensive training on the data structure, relationship, and dependencies, please watch the Manifest Data Structure training video. 

This information can also be reviewed in the Data Types and Hierarchy guide.

Manifest basic data configuration 

Once the Security Administrator or Administrator has an understanding of the Manifest Data Structure, data should be configured in the Manifest Web Application. Watch the Web Application Core Data Configuration training video for an overview of how to configure data and get to work with Manifest. 

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