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Release Notes / Manifest Web / Manifest Web Application | 11.8.22 Release Notes

About this release

We have included a new Onboarding Support feature that provides new users hands-on training templates to help. Users will learn how to create and perform Jobs with Manifest by following these new templates.

This release also includes the rework of the Users page. Creating a new user now offers the (3) options to add a Full license user, an Operate only user or a Connect only user. Based on the selection, roles are automatically applied based on the license type. Additionally the there is now an identified ‘Account Owner’ who is the user that was identified at domain creation. If that Account Owner needs to be changed, please reach out to Sales Support or email

Support notes

For additional information on each new feature or improvement, visit Manifest User Guides for updated documentation.

Overview of what’s new

General Feature Enhancements

  • NEW Onboarding Support feature that allows users to learn Manifest while using Manifest
  • Updated Azure Remote Rendering feature that now allows to disconnect ones ARR account
  • Additional 3D Template authoring capabilities on the Client Web Application that includes a model panning function and additional tools tips
  • The ability to view USDZ Models in the Model Viewer when configuring and displaying a 3D Model in the Client Web Application
  • An additional link in the ‘Help’ section that links directly to the new community site:
  • Support for 26 Choice Note options with the Client Web Application
  • The ability to move and enlarge an auto-play note when executing a job on the Client Web Application
  • A NEW ‘Create Asset Class’ interface
  • The ability to enable the Security Admin to permanently delete logs or send logs to a deleted folder
  • An updated design to the change password modal
  • Remove the Search feature from the home page (Dashboard) as it had no relevance to be able to search on that page
  • Additional minor updates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with OpenID creating an error when signing in
  • Fixed an issue where the sort by ID and Name weren’t working on the Value list page
  • Fixed an issue with uploading images (2+) under the Asset Class
  • Fixed issues with error validation when accepting EULA and setting password requirements
  • Fixed an issue with Step Notes where a bulleted list would not maintain its formatting
  • Fixed an issue where Pen Note Evidence wasn’t displayed with the Client Web Application
  • Fixed an issue on the Home page where the Activity area incorrectly displayed empty logs

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