About Creating Templates

A Template is a repeatable set of work instructions (or digitized procedure) characterized by numbered steps that must be completed in a sequential order. Templates are associated with a specific Asset Class (or equipment class) and can be accessed and viewed by that Asset Class and any associated Asset (or specific piece of equipment). Once […]

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About Step Notes

Step Notes are an optional tool an Author can use to expand the instruction or paths available from a step. There are multiple note types and no limit to the number of notes that can be added to a step. We recommend being concise and consider the most impactful way to communicate an instruction to

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About Authoring

Authoring is a term we use to describe how a template is created in Manifest. An Author could be a subject matter expert knowledgeable about specific procedures and equipment, or a user responsible for generating standardized work processes for an organization. Authoring can be done while you work, with an experienced operator documenting the work

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