What is Work

The Jobs window is a centralized view of all Jobs regardless of assignment, status, or Location. Whether the user is an Operator looking to work on unassigned Jobs, a Mechanic responsible for resolving issues flagged in completed procedures, or a supervisor who may wish to review the overall activity – the various filters allow users to narrow their focus to what is most relevant to them.

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Job Evidence & Faults

Evidence While performing a Job, Manifest enables Operators to add Evidence Notes, such as a photo or video, to any job step to share additional information about the work that was performed, demonstrate proof of understanding, or provide evidence of successful job completion.   https://vimeo.com/928892588/71286360a8 Faults Faults are a function within Manifest that allows users to

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Manifest On-Premise Versioning

Overview Below is an outline of all the Manifest On-Premise versions previously released. Please refer to the table to review important release notes, guidance on which Manifest applications are compatible with each docker release, and notes on any known issues within that Docker version. Docker YML File for Download Docker Versioning Chart ** IMPT! If

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Scanning QR Codes

QR codes play an essential role in Manifest by providing a convenient means to access information, facilitating productivity, and serving as the central reference point for spatial instructions. To optimize your scanning experience, adhere to the following best practices. https://vimeo.com/930241246/9fda72da2e?share=copyhttps://vimeo.com/930082800/e1f34d9f0d?share=copy Read more about QR Codes and Manifest

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Manifest for Docker | Version 3.0 | April 22, 2024

What’s New? Please reference the following for a full outline around what is offered within the Version 3.0 Manifest Applications: Additionally, Manifest version 3.0.1 for docker also now uses version 14 of Postgres for all new installs.  For existing docker installs that need assistance in migrating to version 14 of Postgres please contact manifestsupport@taqtile.com for

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Before You Begin

Let’s get started! Follow these simple steps to set up your account and unlock the full potential of Manifest. Access your Manifest domain & set up your accountWhen a Manifest domain is first deployed, a system generated email is sent to the designated Security Administrator. Access links are valid for 72 hours. If the link

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Manifest Login

The following steps will help you through account setup and log into Manifest for first-time use    Grab your laptop or iPad and access your email  In your email mail application, look for an invitation email from manifestsupport@taqtile.com Select the second link in the email to create password – this link is valid for 72 hours

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Toolset Overview

Manifest Toolset Overview Manifest gives deskless workers access to step-by-step guidance and remote assistance from your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime   By leveraging augmented reality, Manifest  improves operational workflows so that jobs get done more accurately and consistently. Using Manifest, deskless workers document maintenance and operational procedures, follow step-by-step instructions, remotely collaborate with

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About Creating Templates

A Template is a repeatable set of work instructions (or digitized procedure) characterized by numbered steps that must be completed in a sequential order. Templates are associated with a specific Asset Class (or equipment class) and can be accessed and viewed by that Asset Class and any associated Asset (or specific piece of equipment). Once

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Manifest 3D for HoloLens | 3.0 Release Notes

About this release Below you will find all the latest updates introduced with Manifest 3.0 – now available in the Microsoft Store. Manifest 3.0 introduces new editorial controls and workflow for managing and publishing Templates. 3.0 was published to the Microsoft Store on March 30, 2024 Support notes Important! Clients with On-premise configurations must update

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About Step Notes

Step Notes are an optional tool an Author can use to expand the instruction or paths available from a step. There are multiple note types and no limit to the number of notes that can be added to a step. We recommend being concise and consider the most impactful way to communicate an instruction to

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