About Settings Within each Manifest application (3D, Web, Mobile), users can view ‘Settings’ to access information about their User Account. Depending on the Manifest Application, ‘Settings’ may also contain information about the current version installed or configuration controls for that application. Manifest Web Application Settings The User Account Settings in the Manifest Web Application can

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Data Types & Hierarchy

About Data Types and Hierarchy When getting started with Manifest, or setting up a domain for the first time, it’s important to understand the basic data types and relationships. This section will cover the core data types, the Manifest data structure, and the relationship and dependencies connecting this data within Manifest. Manifest Primary Data Types

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Manifest 3D Application Voice Commands

About  The Manifest 3D Application includes a series of voice commands users can use to execute specific actions hands-free.  To use a voice command, simply say the command (as indicated) while using the application. Be sure to make your voice clear and audible. The command will only work if it’s relevant to the state of the application. For example, the

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