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Work Board Overview

About the Work Board 

The Work Board is a centralized view of all Work organized by Location and status. The Manifest iPadOS Work Board uses the Kanban system to provide users a clear visualization of all the current Work in progress at any Location and a quick way to find Unassigned Jobs and/or Tasks that need to be completed.  Finding the Work Board

The Work Board can be accessed by selecting Work Board on the bottom menu. 

Using the Work Board 

Filters & Search Options 

The search bar gives users the ability to look up Work within a location using keywords and/or numbers related to the template, model type, or ID.   

The various filter options give users flexibility in customizing their view based on what’s important to them. The following filters are available for the Work Board. 

View My Work or All Work 

The toggle for My Work filters Work items on the board by assignment: 

  • Selecting My Work will load only Work assigned to the user 
  • Selecting All Work will load all Jobs regardless of assignment 

Filter by Work Type

To filter by Work Type, select the Work Type dropdown, and choose the desired type from the list. Work is divided into the following types:

  • Jobs:
    • A Job is a procedure performed using the Manifest application by following a set of step-by-step instructions previously authored as a Template
  • Tasks
    • Tasks are free-form Work items that fall outside the parameters of a set Template and allow users to impart important to-do information via an assignable medium within Manifest, either on-the-fly during a Job or directly from the Main Menu

Filter by Location 

Select this filter to show Work for a specific Location. 

Filter by Priority  

To filter by priority, select the Priority dropdown, and choose the desired priority level from the list.
Priority is color-coded as follows:

  • Red = High 
  • Yellow = Medium 
  • Green = Low 

Work Board Basics

Status columns 

The Work Board groups all Work in columns by the following parameters:  

  • Unassigned 
  • Assigned 
  • In Progress 
  • Completed 

Work Listings 

Each Work item has a Work Listing. The Work Listing includes relevant information to help users quickly identify key information to prioritize their Work. Work Listings include the following information (where relevant): 

  • Work Type
    • Job
    • Task
  • Work ID 
  • Date and/or % Complete
    • Last updated date OR Percentage (%) complete 
  • Priority
    • indicated by color: High (Red), Medium (Yellow), Low (Green) 
  • Avatar:
    • Assigned Operator’s avatar or initials (Team icon indicates that the Work item is a Team Job) 
  • Work Title:
    • derived from the Job Template name or Task Description
  • Asset Class: Make and Model  

Some Work Listings also include icon buttons for certain actions: 

  • Download icon
    • For syncing Work to the users’ Offline Work Package 
    • Available on self-assigned Work in the “Assigned” and “In Progress” columns 
  • Arrow icon
    • For assigning Work to self  
    • Available on Work in the “Unassigned” column 

Additional options 

Add Work 

The + Add Work button allows users to create New Work within the given location, prompting them to select an Asset, Template, and Priority. The user may then select Add and the new Work item will appear in the Unassigned column. 

Create an Offline Work Package 

If your Work will be performed in an area with limited to no network connectivity, Manifest Offline capabilities enable you to save your Work into an Offline Work Package to be completed in a disconnected environment, and then synced with the server when connectivity is restored. 

Steps for creating an Offline Work Package: 

  • Download Work using the download icon at the top left corner of any desired Work Listings currently assigned to you
    • *Note: Users cannot download Unassigned Work or Work not assigned to them
    • *Note: Tasks cannot be taken offline
  • Select Work Package in the righthand corner of the Work Board. A window will dropdown to show the downloaded Work item, sorted by status.  
  • If needed, use Remove All button or the trash can icon at the upper left-hand corner of each Work Card to remove Work from the Offline Work Package.  
  • Once the desired Work items have been downloaded, select ‘Go Offline’ 
  • If this is the first-time taking work offline the user will be prompted to set a 6-digit security PIN for Offline Login 


Users can select the refresh button in the upper right-hand corner of the Work Board tab to load the latest updates. 

Initiating Work

To open Work Items, select the desired Work Listing from the Work Board. Work items will open to one of the following views depending on the Work Type selected.

  • The Task Detail Window

  • Job View

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