The Taqtile Community is a resource for Manifest users to get up to speed fast, stay on-top of new features, and communicate with our experts and fellow users. For new Manifest users we recommend the 9 lesson course Getting Started with Manifest.

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On-Premise Installations

Taqtile uses Docker containers to allow clients flexibility to install on premises or in their own hosting environments. This document explains how to install and configure Manifest Server using Docker.

Get Started with Manifest

Welcome to Manifest! This article outlines steps to get your Manifest implementation off the ground starting with initial domain set up, new user provisioning, understanding the Manifest data structure, and basic data configuration. 

Get to Work with Manifest

This article details how to work or perform a Job in Manifest. A Job is a procedure performed using the Manifest application by following a set of step-by-step instructions previously authored as a Template.